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Louisianime is proud to present their first set of judges for the brand-new FX and Madness contest!

Different contests mean we had a chance to take our judges just a little bit further than cosplay. We really wanted to focus on not just incorporating the costuming and cosplay side, but also the overall character and presentation. We understand that cosplay is beyond the costume, it’s a whole package! So, we really wanted to make sure we had not just great judges, but the right judges that you could make the best impact with. Judges that can see the story you are telling.

With that in mind, we turned to the screen!

Who better to see your hard work and understand your creative edge quite like those in the film industry? So much of cosplay and make up is in the characteristics. The walk, the talk, the stance and the stature behind the scenes. With that in mind, please welcome the dynamic team from Fairfield Studios!

Fairfield Studios has been in the business of making the surreal become a reality across numerous platforms and media mediums for years. Never ones to shy from a challenge, they truly try to push the bar in all forms of creativity. They are fantastic supporters of the arts and love to incorporate all kinds of geek culture into their work. From cosplay to make-up, and hidden gems in the background; they always find a way to blend passion with precision to rise above and become industry leaders.

John W. Chambers

After a near death experience destroying the one ring at Mordor and saving Middle Earth, John decided he wasn’t going to hop on the elven ship to the mythical land of eternal life and instead decided on a far more regal and dignified life as a producer, Director and Cinematographer. Ok, so maybe one part of that was a bit of an over-exaggeration. However, John has worked around the world on content that includes National News as a CBS and ABC regional producer, Documentary Cinematographer in Ukraine, Feature Film and Series work in Louisiana including True Blood, Treme, Infamous, and Jonah Hex along with dynamic award-winning web series. He became a collaborative partner with Fairfield Studios and the rest is story telling history.

Growing up with stories of adventures and a love of entertainment as a TV kid that watched science fiction constantly, John had the support and desire from his amazing family to pursue what makes entertainment amazing…the story. He never let his excitement for telling the story diminish and began not just dreaming but bringing other worlds to life. Drawing inspiration from superheroes, anime, and stories passed down through his father and grandfather, transporting people through the art offilm-making and storytelling wove their way into his life and captured his imagination from a very young age.

As an adult, the magic never died. After Chambers took an associate degree in Broadcast Telecommunications at Bossier Parish Community College (Bossier City, Louisiana), he achieved degrees in Broadcast Journalism and Theater Arts from Northwestern State University in Natchitoches, Louisiana. Through the experience and mentors that kept him dreaming and creating, it allowed him to develop in the art of the performance, design and building the narratives that one day he would use to draw in others to his worlds. With creativity and technicality as a base, he has also worked in professional theatre, as well as most departments of film and television.

With twenty years of experience in stage, screen, television and beyond, John knows just about every facet of production. His wisdom is invaluable when it comes to bringing the best to the screen. His passion for the art of stories has catapulted many people from the mundane to the extraordinary.

Finding a home in the creative team at Fairfield Studios in collaboration with Clint McCommon, he has worked to believe the philosophy of “Lets Shoot”, no matter the odds and to live what you love with his film family.

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