Panel Submission Form

We are no longer accepting applications for panels for 2019. If you have a special request that you believe would stand out, please use the general contact form at the bottom of the page to request special consideration for inclusion with our programming.

Volunteer Application

We are always looking for people to help check badges at doors, provide information, assist with panels and workshops, and generally help provide a better experience for everyone.

We provide our volunteers with the following:

  • Free Badge
  • Snacks and refreshements
  • Crash space for long distance volunteers (Volunteers living 30 minutes away or longer. Space is limited.)
  • Exclusive invitation to private after party

If you are interested in volunteering for LouisiANIME and to help us make the event a better place for everyone, please fill out the form below to contact our Volunteer head:

Name and Address

Contact Information

Availability and Department Preferences

Departments include registration, Info Desk, Programming, Staff Suite, Safety, and General Volunteer

Medical History / Work History / Terms of Service

Please enter 'NONE' if there are no medical concerns. By entering NONE you absolve LouisiANIME of any responsibility for meeting any medical needs you may have.

By clicking submit, you agree to conduct yourself as a positive representitive of LouisiANIME, adhering to any dress codes at the time of the event, and obey any safety guidelines provided by staff.

Vendor Application

We are actively recruiting vendors for 2019! If you are interested in being a vendor in the LouisiANIME vendor room or artist alley, please fill out the form below:

General Contact Information

Please fill out the form below to contact us with any information or contact requests not addressed above: